How to Remotely Logout Google account from Android devices or Apps

There is an easy way to remotely Logout Google account from your old Android devices i.e logout from the device through another device or PC. If you have forgotten to logout your Google account from your old android devices here's the simple method Google has provided to help you logout and
protect your Google account.

This tip will also come in handy if your Android phone has been misplaced or stolen. 

How does it Work?
The action will end up the current session on your android device and put up a login screen for fresh sign in.

Step-by-Step Guide To Logout Remotely from your Android Device


  • After completing the steps above, the current session on the selected Android Device or Application will be automatically ended and fresh Log in will be requested. 
  • You can now sit, back and relax since your Gmail account is now protected.
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