Download WaterMark Image Software 2017 Free

Watermark image software allows you to brand any images to serve as protection. It is very much simple and easy to use and with few clicks, you can get solid protection for your own images.
There is a customizable watermark option in this software which means that you can add “Text Watermark”, “Image Watermark” and “Combined Watermark”.

Download WaterMark Image Software 2017 Free

Full Features of the WaterMark Image Software

  • The features of the WaterMark software includes;
  • Photo Resize
  • Photo renaming
  • Supports all image formats
  • Tiling of watermark for stronger image protection
  • Customized images for faster Watermark creation
  • Invisible watermark
  • Use of QR Codes as Watermark
  • Very fast processing Speed
  • Auto-upload after creation of watermark (you may choose to disable it)
In the text watermark, you have to use simple keystrokes that support the rich fonts, shadow and different effects and symbols. Then this software automatically puts that into the image as watermark. In the Image Watermark, you have to put any special symbolized image which will be any logo or personal avatar to protect your images from the unauthorized usage. The last one is combined watermark, which is the mixture of text and image watermark. You can do all these things in a very fast manner because this is fast working software.

Download WaterMark Image Software 2017 to your PC

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