How to Check your Bank Verification Number - BVN on Phone

Bank Verification Number- BVN is an initiative of the CBN to ensure transparency, security and easy assessment of data in accordance with best practices in developed countries.

In my own opinion, I love the whole idea except for the fact that i now have Eleven (11) digits more to memorize. Well, that won't be a problem since we can now get the BVN Number anytime through our mobile phone even without Internet connection.

How to Check your Bank Verification Number - BVN on Phone

How To Check Your BVN via Mobile Phone

To Check your Bank Verification Number on your mobile phone, simply dial *565*0# from that particular line you used for registration at the bank.  

Pls note that the code does not work for FREE, you will need to have a minimum of 10 NGN as your mobile account balance.

Try it and relay your feedback to the comments section. Enjoy!


  1. Is it free to check?

  2. A customer service agent in my bank just requested for my BVN and sincerely I don't know it off hand. Your article was really helpful. Thanks a lot

  3. Simple, precise and it worked. Thanks Inforisticblog

  4. Thanks so much,you really helped me for my bvn,I needed it urgently and I found it immediately I diall the code, you really helped.. Thanks once again

    1. Thanks for the feedback Omotola! You are always welcome.


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